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Our store has a totally secure system for the data of our customers. In order to register as our customer you must have a valid email and a password.

Your password is encrypted in our database so that if you forget it, not even our employees can retrieve it. If you forget your password, click the recover password link on the login page and the system will create a new password that will be sent to your email address.

The security of your data in our store is totally guaranteed.

All orders will be shipped in small or large carton boxes or cushion bags, with 100% discreet guarantee, the remaining space will be filled with plastic with air bubbles and / or plastics with air.

Price policy

Our company reserves the right to modify the prices of the products at any time without prior notice. You will be charged the price shown on the website at the time of sending your request.

All prices are Exempt from VAT under Article 53.º of the Portugal CIVA.

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In order to make a purchase you can do the "Login", or without registering in our store, however for a better management of your orders we advise you to register.

You can perform an automatic search of the product in the space designated for the effect the product you are looking for.

You can search by name or by reference or brand of product.

Or you can browse and choose by clicking on one of the predefined categories or subcategories the article (s) you want to buy, add it to the shopping basket and then finish the order.

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You can also order by email, just choose the article (s) you want to buy, send us the name, full address and contact number and email address and the reference (s) Article (s) for comercial@pleasuresheaven.com